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Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin was founded in 1944, offering studies at the Faculties of Medicine, Agricultural, Veterinary Medicine and Natural Sciences. It is the largest public university in Eastern Poland. It currently has a comprehensive range of educational courses and unique specializations. Education is carried out at 11 faculties, including the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management. This department was created in 2011, following the division of the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences into two separate entities. Faculty offers the following disciplines: Geography, Geoinformatics, Spatial Management, Tourism and Recreation. The partnership project, coordinated by the University, refers to education in tourism and recreation, especially for newly specializations: Hospitality, Tourism services and Geotourism.

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The Tree Travel Sp. z o.o., Sp. k is a leading company organizing internships for students of Polish universities, who are educated in the field of tourism, recreation and hospitality. Students take their practices in selected European countries. Since 2006 Programme “Olymp” offered training positions to more than 4,000 students from over 30 schools. The Tree Travel cooperates closely with dozens of hotels in Greece, Spain and Cyprus, as well as with numerous tour operators in these countries, ensuring broad traineeship possibilities, vocational apprenticeships and trainings at the workplace for most talented students and graduates of the faculty. The largest number of students goes for vocational training to Greece. The company also provides additional training for apprentices and trainees, ensuring as far as possible, the acquisition of the necessary work skills in this sector, which they are not able to deliver lectures at the university. Within 8 years on the market, the company The Tree Travel has achieved a high reputation as a partner university educators in the field of tourism and recreation in Poland.

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Hotel Eleon Grand Resort & Spa (KAPA SA) opened in 2010, therefore it is a young facility, still developing its position on the tourism market. In order to reinforce this position, the hotel puts special emphasis on service standards and employees’ competences in the scope of customer service in all tourist categories (including disabled tourists). High vocational competences of employees are crucial for Eleon Hotel. From the very start of its operation the hotel has been supporting tourism and recreation students from Poland who apply for traineeships; it also cooperates closely with Polish higher schools which provide education in this field. Preliminary verification of trainees’ competences is conducted by the Polish partner - The Tree Travel (who also participates in the present project). The reality shows that many competence gaps are detected during the fulfilment of Professional duties, which prevent from proper completion of tasks at the workplace. It results in vast engagement of work and time from trainers of the hotel. A proper training conducted in vocational training entities (not at the workplace) would significantly increase the number of competent employees. Eleon is strongly interested in its participation in the project aimed at increasing vocational qualifications of possible employees, in particular in the segment of disabled tourism and partly in the segment of tourism in disparate culture areas (in refers to the character of hotel activities).

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The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC) is the focal point for research in tourism studies in Iceland. The ITRC is a cooperative project between the University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri, Holar University, The Icelandic Tourist Board and The Icelandic Travel Industry Association, receiving funding and goodwill from all of these along with banking from government funds. The aim of this co-operation is the sharing of facilities and skills in order to promote research and education that is of mutual interest to both the universities and the tourist industry in Iceland. The co-operation strengthens the links between the universities and the business community and builds up knowledge and networking resources in the field of tourism. The centre's main tasks involve tourism and hospitality research, cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes, publishing of scholarly papers and promotional material, information dissemination, consultation and arrangement of seminars, hosting conferences and giving lectures in tourism studies.

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